Jake Xuereb



Hi! I'm Jake and I like thinking about things. Typically about how to make something better or the nature of nature.
What I'm currently trying to make better is private education through a mobile application called LearnD.
I am currently in the 3rd year of the BSc. Maths and Physics course at the University of Malta and am also actively failing at trying to fit Peskin & Schroeder, Mike & Ike and Wald into my head.
I'm doing this because I'm interested in what fundamental truths Quantum Information can tell us about the Universe and the foundations of Physics all the way from gravity to measurement, and how Quantum Computing can be the tool through which these truths are uncovered.

I offer tuition in Maths, Physics and if you ask really nicely Chemistry. So if you'd like to inquire about that please do contact me.

For more information, my Curriculum Vitae can be found here

Oh, and I try to play squash twice a week and I'm always looking for new opponents. Send me a message should you think you're up for it.


I make notes about things I learn sometimes putting great effort into diagrams and trying to explain in as much depth as necessary. Many of these are works in progress or probably won't ever be finished but you're welcome to check them out just the same.
-Introduction to Group Theory & Vector Spaces
-Introduction to Analysis
-Solutions : MIT PS - Electromagnetism
-The Michelson Interferometer
-Introduction to Quantum Computing

Things I think everyone should know about

- Sean Carroll's Mindscape
- Sam Harris' Making Sense
- The Y Combinator Podcast
Music There's a lot to say here so in the interest of space check out my spotify. If I can implore you to listen to three wildly different things it would be the band Toe, Jacob Collier & Respighi.
-Christopher Hitchens was one of the world's best orators and you are missing out if you have never heard him speak.
-The question you are asking is much more important than the answer you are trying to come up with.
-The best opportunities come from taking chances on things which have very low probability of occuring and very high reward if successful.
-In general, speak your mind.
Drinks Rum is great and underrated. If ever available, try a 20 year plantation rum. Additionally, coffee is one of those things which are more than worth learning about. Freshly ground coffee is exponentially better than your average store bought coffee.